Brantley Gilbert was known as a songwriter before he hit the scene as an artist. Moving to Nashville and becoming a part of Warner Chappell Publishing. Artists like Jason Aldean and Colt Ford have recorded works from Gilbert. He released his first album in 2009; his 3rd album was released in May of this year.

Gilbert doesn't have the 'traditional' cowboy look though. He wears sleeveless t-shirts, leather jackets, chains, rings and a baseball cap. However, don't let that fool you he can definitely sing a tune and write a sensitive love song too.

Brantley lived a pretty hard and fast past. However, he made a commitment a while back to stop drinking and concentrate on his career. He's now released 3 albums and has opened for names such as Willie Nelson, Eric Church, Toby Keith, Tim McGraw and more.

Born in Jefferson, Georgia Brantley grew up listening to all genres of music which are reflected in his own music now. At the age of 19 he was in a near fatal car accident and realized we aren't guaranteed tomorrow. So he decided to go all in and move to Nashville; first as a songwriter and now as an artist.

He was engaged to Jana Kramer for a bit but they called off the engagement January of last year. But you won't here Brantley speaking ill of his ex or their time together. While their might be a hint of the heartbreak in his songs they aren't pointed directly at her. Just a mention of the trials and tribulations that pretty much any of us have or could go through. His sensitive side shines on songs like 'Halfway to Heaven' and 'My Faith'; making him more relatable.

Be sure to check out Brantley's new album 'Just as I Am' for all sides of the artist.

You Don't Know Her Like I Do