I just experienced my first brain freeze as an adult, and I cannot say it was a pleasant experience. I had my very first ever, cherry-limeade slush. While I was broadcasting live on location at one of the local car lots, the new car sales-manager ordered a cherry-limeade slush for everyone on the lot. I was gracefully declining when he, the sales manager said "drink it don't let it go to waste, besides it's hot out here you need to cool off." That is when a long lost childhood memory returned, "the brain-freeze." After surviving my painful recovery I thought to myself, "what causes these and how do I make them go away?"

This is where my journey begins, because over the past few days I find myself going through the drive-thru ordering that frozen delight that I was introduced to just days ago. Now I sit in front of my of my computer, slush in hand researching "Brain Freeze."

Had I known, that the cure was just "SLOW DOWN EATING THE COLD STUFF" and not some miracle cure like "mint leaves in warm tea" or "place your tongue on the roof of your mouth" or "suck your thumb" or "hold your left arm above you head while sucking down the frozen liquid of the Gods" (the later of which I can not do). Which still leaves this question, "how come my wife laughs at me when this happens to me?" Then I saw this picture from her phone. Nothing else needs to be said.

Still nothing beats laughing at others pain, right? I discovered this summer is going to be fun and somewhat painful cause I'm back on my way to the drive-thru to get another cherry-limeade slush. Now here's a video of yet another person suffering from "Brain-Freeze" and this kid took it a step further.

A bit of advise to help you enjoy your summer more. When enjoying your favorite frozen treat during brain freeze, do not operate heavy machinery, avoid performing high-wire circus acts, juggling running chain saws and by all means, SLOW DOWN while consuming frozen treats.