A bounce house blown away with kids inside it sounds like something from a movie but it's not; it's real. This happened in New York when a gust of wind took the bounce house off the ground and up into the air about 50 feet.

Three kids were inside the bounce house. A 10 year old girl got out just as it was lifting into the air, however 2 younger boys remained inside. They are ages 5 & 6 and suffered some pretty serious, but not life threatening, injuries. One of the boys broke both arms and suffered some facial injuries. The other boy had a head injury he received when the bounce house landed on a car.

This is a smaller, personal bounce house, made by Little Tikes(similar to the one in the photo above found on Amazon). This is not one of the large inflatables you generally rent for kids parties and events. If you own one of these you might find a way to secure the house to the ground, especially since we see incredibly high winds in our area.

Thank goodness the kids will recover. I must say they got the ride of a lifetime!