This isn't the first time Blake Shelton and Reba McEntire have been paired together. They hosted the ACM Awards show for 2 years and they just seemed to have a great chemistry. So now they will play brother and sister on Reba's new TV series 'Malibu Country'. It won't be too much of a stretch. Both are from Oklahoma, both are country singers and both have face time on TV. Reba previously had a series called 'Reba' and Blake, of course, is a judge on the series The Voice.

Not much is known about the script other than the fact that Blake will play Reba's brother, but you can be sure it will be funny. Blake likes to have fun and has pretty good comedic timing, which he has shown in some of his music videos, "Honey Bee" or "Hillbilly Bone" for example. Not to mention his hilarious Tweets.

You can also expect to see Kelly Clarkson (Reba's soon to be daughter-in-law) on the show at some point as well. We'll keep you updated on that!

For now, you can plan on seeing Blake's appearance on 'Malibu Country' coming up Friday, March 1st on ABC.

Blake Shelton--'Honey Bee'