Looks like Blake Shelton may have a new career; in the wedding business.  Blake's friend and country cohort Kelly Clarkson will be getting married soon and it just so happens that her fiance is Blake's manager, Brandon Blackstock. Brandon is also the step-son of Reba McEntire. It would stand to reason that they would ask Blake to sing at the wedding but to actually perform the ceremony too? Can he do that?

The answer is yes! Blake is an ordained minister which means he can perform the wedding ceremony legally. Other celebrity ordained ministers include, Emma Stone, Conan O'Brien, Lady Gaga and Hugh Hefner.

Clarkson says Blake can be super sentimental and serious and loves the idea of him officiating the ceremony. However, once the 'legal' part is done Shelton will also do what he does best and that is to sing. He will also be serenading the couple at the reception.

Blake will also be officiating another wedding soon for one of his wife's (Miranda Lambert) Pistol Annies bandmates Ashley Monroe. Monroe will soon wed John Danks, pitcher for the Chicago White Sox.

Singer, country music awards co-host, husband, judge on 'The Voice' and ordained minister. I wonder what else Blake can find to fill his spare time?