Time for my weekly viral videos again. This week it's just some fun and funny stuff I've found, tooling around on the internet. Hope you get a laugh and enjoy the shopping craziness out there.

Black Friday can come with a lot of problems both for consumers and retailers. So how well do the stores know the products their store carries? This is hilarious, now granted these are made up products that don't exist, but the store employees are quite helpful nonetheless.

So here's what happens when Santa hasn't taken Rappelling Safety 101. He is at the mall to make his grand entrance but gets his beard caught in the ropes then can't get down. The lady on the mic doing the introduction seems to think the louder you sing the better the situation will become. Not so. So does Santa ever make it all the way to the ground?

More from last weekends Black Friday mayhem. People at stores, like Urban Outfitters in the video, all over the country camped out hours and even days in advance of store sales. They wanted to be the first person in the door to go grab the hottest items. There was even an app you could download for some stores that allowed you to pre-plan your shopping event. Now what would be really funny is if the store rearranged the merchandise the night before so people headed in the wrong direction for stuff. That would have been priceless!!!