Kids birthday parties are suppose to be memorable and fun and it's their day to celebrate, but how much is too much to spend on a six year old?  Some parents are spending thousands of dollars to make sure their kid has the biggest and best. 

TLC television has a show called "Outrageous Kid Parties" and features over the top parties for kids reaching upward of $32,000. Now I guess if you have that kind of money to blow then by all means do it, spoil your kid. I just can't see spending money that could buy a car or college education on a party for a 6 year old.

In fact I really don't think these parties are for the kids but more for the moms.  If you'll notice in the following videos there are times when the kids really seem disinterested but the mom's force them (even bribe them) to smile.  The dad's seem to think it's all ridiculous however, they don't put a stop to it.   These kids will grow up with the "entitlement" attitude and probably just be brats.


The first video is a mom who decides to put on a princess fairytale birthday party.  Nothing seems to be right or good enough and then the little girl doesn't want to cooperate with the wardrobe and hairdressers that have been hired to fix her up for the party.  Dad is not wanting to get into costume either, but mom is eating up every minute of this.

This video is a circus them for a brother and sister.  The weather is bad but still over 300 people show up to the party.  The kids are running late because the firetruck is late getting them there...yes, a real firetruck.  Then the brother doesn't really seem to want to participate, mom bribes him with a dollar to "smile and wave".  The sister seems to already be a spoiled brat "it's all mine,mine,mine".  The dad even mentions what I said at the beginning; " $30,000 sure would look good in the driveway".

This is a rock star party for a little girl.  The difference in this video is that the mom puts on this huge party in the neighborhood and the dad knows nothing about it, until he pulls up.  He's not happy but really can't do much about it at this point.  There is a ferris wheel, live band, red carpet and limo ride.  Mom hires hair and make-up people that alone costs $1,500.

Okay, I have to stop now this is just unbelievable.  These are not normal everyday people, I get that; but wow, so many more important ways to spend that kind of money.  What is this teaching their kids?