Big Joe Walker is a pretty big dude. More importantly, he has a pretty big voice. As a Texas country singer-songwriter, he's got a ton of upside, and Big Joe stopped by to give us a few laughs, play some music and share some background with us on the KEAN Afternoon Show.

My conversation started by inquiring about Big Joe's size (6'5", 280 lbs.), and whether he played football. But Walker's true sports love is baseball. "I love baseball more than anything. Third base. I grew up wanting to be like Dean Palmer, you know the Rangers of '95, with Will Clark and Pudge and all those guys." Love of sports aside, Walker has been around music all his life, and he explains that that his love for music is something that ties in with fond childhood memories. Take a listen:

In part 2 or my chat with Big Joe Walker, he explained when he started enjoying music. Specifically piano. "I grew up in a church playing piano. My mom would have me take lessons with our church piano player. My piano lessons were during the time when all the kids got to go to the basketball court at the church, and I hated piano for that reason alone...but I remember when I got to about 6th grade and going into middle school, and I sat down at the piano at choir class, and all the girls got around me, and I was like 'you know, this piano stuff's okay'.

Joe brought his guitar, and did us the honor of playing his new song, 'Friday Night in Texas' in studio. Take a listen to it here:


I always find it cool to get insight as to a songwriter's process. Big Joe Walker takes a pretty simple approach, as he explains, "Most of my songs start out with the question, 'What can I do to make me laugh?', or what song can I write that I completely understand". Walker admits, "Sometimes, I listen to music that I just don't understand...I used to try to be that type of writer." Check out the rest of his explanation:

Big Joe Walker is a fun-loving guy with a great sense of humor. That being said, he's a helluva talented singer-songwriter. You can keep track of Joe and his show dates on his official website, on Facebook, Twitter and you can buy his EP, 'I Am Big Joe Walker' on iTunes.