Every woman wants to look updated and fashion forward. I did a little research to see what new colors and fashions we will see in the coming year. Looks like it's going to be fresh, fun and happy.

So I checked some of the more popular websites for fashion and they all say the same thing: Orange-Reds like Tangerine & Coral will be big this year.

According to We Connect Fashion and Pantone the orange color variations will be super hot this season as well as other colors that "pop". Yellow will be big as will green and shades of bright blues. You can even throw in some luscious purple but you can never go wrong with a natural/neutral color. Anything that is bright and fun will be big this season.

As for the styles...I'm seeing lots of sleeveless dresses, some pantsuits, ankle length pants and jackets and for the most part nothing is too fitted (thank goodness).

Here are some other trends that chic.tv say we will be seeing this year.