Mature individuals crack me up. They have no inhibitions and just let lose and have a good time. These are some great "dance" videos from our more mature folks. What's great is the cameras were rolling!

Michael Jackson has been emulated probably more than any artist out their. These three seniors decided to participate in a talent/variety show. Here is their dance to MJ's "Billie Jean". They even do the moon walk!

These granny's learn to Pop, Lock & Drop It during their granddaughters graduation party. This is hilarious. The granny in the pink has it down and is gettin' with it!!

This little lady in 97 years young! She lives with her kids and grand kids and every week they upload a new dance that granny does on the Wii game system. They pop in the Just Dance videos and granny goes to town. This is one granny knows pretty well, she doesn't even have to look at the TV.