Infomercials or "As Seen On TV" used to just be on late night, wee hours of the morning TV. Not anymore they are always on, trying to show us how much easier our life would be with their product in our homes. It's even become a big business to have the right "pitchman". Unfortunately we lost one of the best when Billy Mays passed away, but never fear there's more like him out there.

So do infomercials work? Yep. You know you've bought a product because you saw it on television and just had to have it. I have a Snuggie and use it all the time. I also bought the 12 year old one of the foot scrubbers that sticks to the bottom of the tub. (Have you ever smelled 12 year old feet!!!!)

However, some products just go way over the top and out there on their marketability. So here are a few that I chose that I'm just not convinced I really need.

GLH spray on hair. Out of a spray paint can. Yes you use this like hairspray or spray paint. You just can't convince me that this is a product that someone would actually use (apologies if you have tried it). What do you do when it rains?

Then there is the Slap Chop. Now this product might actually work but I can't stand the pitchman. Who by the way also pitches the "ShamWow" towel. I won't buy this product so maybe this guy will just go away, he's quite annoying.

Then we have a chair that "isn't just for home but the office too"? The Hawaii Chair. This chair seat rotates, supposedly to work your abs out, but I'm just not sure that I wouldn't get sea sick on this chair. How do you write or do anything with this chair moving around, needless to say it would be a really big distraction. Think about going in for an interview and the boss is spinning in their chair.

So there you go, those are some of my favorite infomercials and I know that barely scratches the surface of infomercials. So please share some of your favorites with us too!