When Spring rolls around it means lots of outdoor activities. Barbeques to Zoo outings. It also means time for baseball season to get underway. Next to basketball, baseball is my favorite sport. Any parent of a young boy probably has already been at the ballpark several times this season.

I know we have been. This also means the end of nights in front of the TV and the beginning of DVR-ing. With practices almost every night and then dinner and homework it's 10pm before you even know it.

Tonight is our last pre-season game and then it's time to get down to business. Thursday launches our official season. I'm ready though, I love baseball. It's not just the game either. I love the whole atmosphere. The crowds cheering or jeering (the umps), the visiting with other parents, meeting new people, hot dogs/ hamburgers and fries and of course WINNING!!

Super proud of the kiddo, he's gotten so good over the last few years. He's a hitter and it's funny to hear the other team coaches tell their guys to "back up" when he comes to bat. He's a great pitcher too, learning some change ups and getting some great speed.

I've never really gotten butterflies before but this season it's been different. Every time he's up to bat my stomach does little flip-flops. He's wanting to go to college on a baseball scholarship, although we are a few years from worrying about that, I really think he can do it and that makes me super proud. Like most young kids with dreams he wants to play professionally. We are encouraging that....he's our retirement plan!!!

Go Rockies!!