I remember grabbing my Peanuts lunch box and putting in it, a bologna, ham or peanut butter sandwich, peanut butter and crackers or chicken noodle soup; a frozen Hi-C Punch or Capri Sun and some cookies.  Yep, I made my own lunches!  They weren't the best but they filled me up, for a while anyway.  If you are in need of some lunch ideas for the upcoming school year I have a few for you.If you make a lunch to the kids satisfaction it will be nothing but junk, make it too healthy and they will trade with someone who has something better.

There are some great ideas online.  For example, turn a sandwich into a kabob; cut your meat and cheese into squares, use cherry tomatoes, olives, or pickles chunks to add color and nutrition. You can do this with fruit pieces too.

Maybe do a wrap instead of a traditional sandwich or make the sandwich festive by using cookie cutters to create the design.

The following video will give you a few tips from providing variety to your kids lunchbox, making it healthy, keeping it cold with frozen drinks until lunch and even getting the kids involved in making their lunch by choosing their desert.