'Bachelor' Sean Lowe and his fiancee Catherine Giudici announced they have set a January 26, 2014 wedding date. That wedding is also going to be featured live on ABC. It's where their romance began so naturally they felt they needed to share the nuptials with us as well, or so says Lowe.

It's still early in the planning stages and about all that is available is the fact that Giudici will have 12 bridesmaids.

This is the 4th wedding from the 'Bachelor'/'Bachelorette' shows to be televised and all 3 previous couples are still together. Those couples are Ryan and Trista, Jason and Molly and JP and Ashley.

It seems if these couples actually follow through with a live TV wedding in front of millions of people they have a better chance of making it. Maybe it's because they actually do love each other. I'm usually a skeptic about these made for TV relationships working out, but it seems based on the TV/wedding track record I might be wrong.

More details are sure to come so continue to check back and we will keep you updated.