The father-daughter bond can be a very special one, that starts very early in the child's life. But this baby grew very attached to her daddy's beard, to a point that she had a total meltdown when he disappeared into the bathroom and returned clean-shaven.

Watch this video (or, is it a social experiment?) as dad plays lovingly with his young daughter, then takes off into the bathroom. Baby follows, and waits by the door for daddy to come out. But when he does, the little girl is frightening to tears. Check it out:

Kudos to mom and dad for their clever work to calm the little girl after that traumatic experience.

I've been growing a beard lately, and one of the reasons I haven't shaved is that my young daughter seems to like it. When I hold her, she will stare at my lower face as if there is no more calming thing in the world. I'd like to shave, but after watching this video, I don't think I will for a long time. I don't think I could put my child through the pain that baby went through, thinking her daddy was replaced by a much balder, uglier man.