Making bets with your friends, has been a favorite pastime for many years.  From seeing how fast someone can slam a beer, to seeing if you could get that cute blonde's number before the end of the night, you've probably been a part of many bets, and lost quite a few of them.  Well, now, there is a way you can make a bet with someone, and have a sure shot to win.

YouTube user 'Quirkology' has uploaded several videos that can help you win a bet while you're out with your friends boozing it up, or just simply at the house hanging with the family.  With these videos, learn how to pull an ice cube out of a drink while only using a piece of thread, pull a dollar out from underneath a stack of quarters without the quarters falling, impress your friends by solving an equation, or balancing a quarter on a dollar bill.

These are all bets you cannot lose.  Just remind me not to make a bet with any of you at the bar anymore.

Bets You Will Always Win

Even More Bets You Will Always Win