Facebook, Atteberry Station

Atteberry Station recently released their second CD, 'Nights at Spillman Ranch', and are trying to make their mark on the Texas music scene. Their music is really good, as I mentioned in my review of the new album, but it takes more than good music to reach the level of success the band would like. Dickie Johnson, Atteberry's bass and piano player, is helping out the band's cause by paying us a visit at the KEAN 105 studios.

Dickie is a pretty cool character, as you'll find out in our interview. We talked about the new single, 'Fool's Game' and why there are 2 versions of the song on the new CD. We also discussed some of the goals he has in mind for his band. Check it out:

"Paying dues" is something that just about every musician has to do at some point in time. This could mean a lot of things to a lot of different artists and bands, including going on radio tours. Radio tours don't pay, cost gas and hotel money, and take time away from being able to book paying shows. Musicians meet radio people (some are kind of rude), and hope and pray that they'll play your music.

For the record, Dickie handled his first go-around like a champ. He's a cool guy, and he's got a pretty doggone good band. Let's all wish Atteberry Station the best moving forward...hope to see you guys at Billy Bob's soon!

On the way out the door, Dickie wanted me to remind everyone to 'like' Atteberry Station on Facebook.You can link up to their page here.