Wellington, Texas may not be a town you're familiar with, and you may never visit the tiny speck on the map in the west Texas panhandle. But you may soon be familiar with a product of Wellington. The band Atteberry Station was formed there, and their 2nd CD, 'Nights At Spillman Ranch' is poised to make waves on the Texas music scene.

Let me start by saying this: hearing the record needle sound effect as I put 'Nights At Spillman Ranch' in my CD player gave me chill bumps. I knew immediately this was a band after my own heart. But the effect isn't a gimmick. It actually sets the tone for what you are about to hear.

I don't want to call Atteberry Station a band with a 'throwback' sound, because they bring a fresh sound. But you get the feeling that these players are rich with knowledge of music history, and their appreciation shows. And even though this is only the 2nd offering from the band, it's obvious in listening that this isn't a band of kids fresh out of high school.

After the record needle fades out, 'Spillman Ranch' kicks in with 'Dr. Hugh', a drive-down-the-highway type song gives off a 'Clapton does country' vibe.

The first single release is 'Fool's Game', an upbeat song about relationship woes.

"You were always talkin' bout one thing or the other, I was layin' here far undercover. Well it's such a sad sad shame, livin' in your fool's game"

I can't figure out why there are two versions of this song on the CD, but whatever. It's a good song. Even if there's no awesome story behind the reason for this decision, I'll chalk it up to artistic license.

I don't normally make predictions like this, but 'Girl Like Her' is a Texas country song, and will do Atteberry Station very well on regional radio. I have no doubt. Texas country fans can easily identify with it. Guys feel like they wrote the song, ladies think it's about them. 'Nuff said.

This is a lyrically sound record. Songs like 'Tannin' In The Moonlight', 'Lonely Goes', and 'Over Your Goodbye' clearly point to the fact that both of Atteberry Station's songwriters, Justin Mixon and Kyle Stegall write what they know, and they write it pretty well.

The sound of 'Nights At Spillman Ranch' is rich and full, from beginning to end. Cody Braun (Reckless Kelly) produced this CD exceptionally well, Adam Odor is always an excellent engineer and the players are really great. There's such a laid back, effortless feel throughout. Ray Benson of Asleep At The Wheel was right when he said of 'Nights At Spillman Ranch': “This is a record that you put on and go for a drive. Way to go, guys”.

'Nights At Spillman Ranch' has me thinking that this isn't the last we'll hear of Atteberry Station. They're really good, with the potential to be fantastic. They've got a great sound, and it sounds like the band is really comfortable together. It's clear that this band 'gets it', and are serious about creating great music. 'Nights At Spillman Ranch' is a huge step in the right direction.

Here's video of Atteberry Station performing 'Tannin' In The Moonlight' off 'Nights At Spillman Ranch':


Here's a track listing for Atteberry Station's 'Nights At Spillman Ranch':

1. Intro (Justin Mixon)
2. Dr. Hugh (Justin Mixon)
3. Girl Like Her (Justin Mixon)
4. Fool’s Game — radio edit — (Kyle Stegall)
5. Tannin' in the Moonlight (Justin Mixon)
6. Give In (Kyle Stegall)
7. My Own Way (Kyle Stegall)
8. Lonely Goes (Kyle Stegall)
9. Hangin’ On (Kyle Stegall)
10. Over Your Goodbye (Justin Mixon)
11. The Shape I’m In (Kyle Stegall)
12. Fool’s Game (Kyle Stegall)