Artificial meat could be only about six months away according to one scientist. I'm not talking about a substitute like a "vegeburger" that tastes like meat. It's meat made from stem cells by scientists in a lab.

We live in Texas and beef is a huge staple of our diet and I don't know how accepting the public will be to this new technology. Scientists in the Netherlands have been working on growing meat in a lab. They take pig stem cells and feed them with horse fetal serum. It grows into a white substance that even the scientist says doesn't look appealing.

Why is it white? There is no blood, only cells, being used. It also lacks nutrients like protein and iron. They (scientists) are hoping to accomplish their goal within the next 6 months. However, I wouldn't count on seeing it in stores anytime soon.

They will still have to make it nutritious, find a way to make it in abundance and profitable. Right now it would be very expensive to produce.

Honestly I wouldn't eat it if it was in front of me right now. I know they are wanting to find ways to curb animal slaughter and conserve water and land but there is just something wrong with meat grown in a petri dish.