I was watching Good Morning America today just like I do every morning.  There was a story about bullying, not uncommon these days.  We've heard the stories of young people committing suicide because of the harassment they receive every day from school bullies.  We've heard that teachers and staff should have done more to stop this activity.  So finally someone steps up and does do something, the right thing to do in my opinion, and now that teacher is has been placed on leave.  I can tell you that had she not done what she did and this child ended up hurting someone then she would have been in trouble for NOT stopping his bullying.  It sounds like you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.  So what is your take on this story?  Do you agree that the teacher should be relieved of her job or do you agree with what the teacher did in reporting the student to other parents?  Does this violate his right to privacy or should we be made aware of child activity such as this no matter what?

I'm interested in seeing your comments!!