A man, seemingly in good health before receiving 19 black widow spider bites, is now dead.

The 40 year old man noticed the bites on his foot about 2 weeks before his death.  He told friends he was feeling better, then unexpectedly died.A man in Colorado, Jeff Seale, noticed the bites on his left foot that turned out to be black widow spider bites.  Black widow bites are indeed poisonous but very rarely deadly.  However, this man received 19 bites.  The state coroner's office is performing an autopsy to determine whether or not the bites were, in fact,  the cause of death.




It's not really clear how he ended up with 19 bites, but the man's sister says he worked around horses, cleaning stalls and could have brought the spider home with him from the stables.  He became obsessed with the spiders and had his home sprayed to keep them away.

The day he died he let his family know he wasn't feeling so good.  They encouraged him to go to the doctor or call 911 but he said he would be fine.  That, sadly, wasn't the case.  He died on Sunday.