They were an unlikely couple that somehow seemed to work.  There's a pretty good age difference between the two and being such a high profile family it's a wonder it worked as long as it did.  Or are we getting ahead of ourselves here, maybe they are still a couple.  This is a fresh rumor and with Ashton taking on a new role on Two And A Half Men could this just be a publicity stunt?Ashton and Demi have been married for 6 years.  Demi is 48 Ashton is 33.  Demi was, of course, married to Bruce Willis and had 3 children with him.  When she met and started dating Ashton it seemed everyone thought it was a big joke.  However, they somehow made it work, the whole extended family.

Now it seems a 23 year old is coming between the seemingly happy couple.  This past weekend a young woman came forward exposing a so-called fling she had with Kutcher.  This coming on the heels of recent reports of Ashton and Demi's separation due to his constant cheating.

This isn't the first time infidelities have come into question. Last year a 21 year old admitted to a fling with  Kutcher while Demi was on location in Detroit filming a movie.  After that allegation Kutcher threatened legal action against the tabloid who published the reports.

Demi's "tweets" have been a little philosophical as of late too leading some to believe there are problems in the relationship.  Neither Moore nor Kutcher have publicly spoken of a split or responded to any of the current allegations.