I'm probably fueling the fire here because I work with a bunch of  jokers as it is but if you want to be the prankster this time instead of the recipient then you need to check this out.Yes, April Fools Day is this Friday so I've given you a little over a day to get your joke in order.  The only thing I can do around here is plant my fake rat; the rock DJ's hate rats...hehe.  Anyway, I was looking for something new and fresh and I, of course, can't tell you what I picked but there were some pretty cleaver ideas.  There were surprisingly quite a few websites that have nothing but April Fools pranks.  A couple of tips.  Get to it early before your victim has time to remember what day it is and the best one's take a little thinking outside the box.   I've taken the liberty to help you out and link you to a couple of sites to give you some ideas.  There's even one for kids and some by kids.   Have fun but don't be too mean!!  And leave me out of it please!