Andrew McWilliams has a sense of humor. The bass player for the Rusty Brothers out of Dallas paid a visit to the KEAN 105 studios, made fun of the fact that he's just a bass player, allowed me to call him by several different names (including Rusty Brothers), and we had a good chuckle about it.

McWilliams also shared insight about his band, which is going through some exciting times. The Rusty Brothers have just released their brand new CD, 'Revival', are promoting their first radio single, 'Little Sister', and are seeing their popularity increase well beyond the Metroplex as a result. The first segment of the interview addressed where the name the Rusty Brothers came from, and he even made up a story, since the truth was so boring! Andrew describes how things have come together nicely  "It's our very first attempt at all this stuff. We've been playing for nine years, and we just figured out that radio was a thing we should be doing.". Check out Part 1 here:

The second part of my conversation with McWilliams included a great in-studio acoustic performance of the title-track from 'Revival', as well as a promise that I'm going to hold Andrew to. He said, "I just want to get back in here with my brother and the other guys, too, and show you guys kinda what we really can do when you don't have the bass player in here.".

McWilliams admits that the Rusty Brothers are is still in "day job" mode, while they try to grow the music. "We'll see how it goes in the next year or so. We're crossing our fingers, want to get down and play for you fine folks here in Abilene.". He also shares details about how to get a free download of the band's first ever single, 'Little Sister'. Get the details in the third part of our conversation:

Check out the Rusty Brothers on their official website for the latest concert details, and be sure to hit the 'Like' button on their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter, too. All the best to Andrew and the Rusty Brothers!