The contestants of American Idol all live in a mansion during filming.  They just happen to have lived in one that is apparently haunted.  If you don't mind a few extra guests the house is up for sale.Now I don't know if this mansion is "haunted" as they all claim it to be but it's a darn nice house.  And probably not worth the asking price of $12 million.  I think the ghosts and I could come to a compromise; they don't bother me, I won't bother them.  The cast members of AI were so adamant about the existence of paranormal activity that they have been moved to a hotel for the duration of the show.  Maybe there is something to their claim because why else would you want to leave such a beautiful place?  It's also rumored that the producers moved the contestants out of the house because of potential flooding problems in the area.  Maybe ghosts just sounded better!!