The first time I saw this video, I thought to myself "this is more Hollywood mambo-jumbo, it's a good idea but nonetheless I it's all movie special effects." Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact the Israeli government is speeding up production of a belly-mounted laser defense system for it's commercial aircraft. Since the fall of the latest Libyan leader, Israel is accelerating the production of C-MUSIC anti-missile system because Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip are reported to have acquired advanced Russian surface-to-air missiles plundered from Libyan arsenals and could be used on Israel as well as other countries. So this new C-MUSIC, Commercial-Multi Spectral Infrared Countermeasure defense system is promising to be an answered prayer for countries that continue to fight terrorism.
Passenger jets flown by El Al, Israel's national carrier, and two other airlines are being fitted with new C-MUSIC defense systems. Elbit Systems, the maker of the laser defense system, spent $79 million to produce the first C-MUSIC system as part of its Sky Shield air transport defense plan. Elbit Systems remains tight lipped on the actual price tag on the individual system, but the Israeli media has reported that it will cost about $1.2 million per unit. What price should the airline carriers pay for the safety of their paying passengers?  Should the airlines pay for the C-MUSIC system or should the federal government pay for each airplane to have one of these?