Airlines lose luggage everyday and sometimes it's never again found, many times it took another flight and is soon returned to you. However, not before you are totally inconvenienced. Now what if your husbands ashes were lost on a flight returning him home?

A woman, Angeline O'Grady, has filed a complaint against the US Airways airline because they lost her husbands ashes. This isn't just some clothing that's missing it's the remains of a human being!

The woman and her husband lived in Pennsylvania but they met in England, dated 1 month and married. He died October 5, 2011 at 71 after a battle with cancer. She board the plane to England on November 1st; she was returning to scatter her husbands ashes. TSA agents told her she was not allowed to take the Urn of ashes aboard the plane she would have to put it in "checked luggage". They labeled the bag "fragile" and put in in checked luggage. When she opened her luggage after getting to her sisters home, the Urn was missing.

Her son has been emailing the airline with only email responses back, no one has contacted them personally to discuss the matter. Although the emails from the airline state that they have assigned them a case number and the matter is being looked at.

This should take precedence over a lot of other cases, and I believe at least deserves a person to person discussion. Someone from the airline should be in contact with this family (and NOT by email) to help them resolve this problem. What has happened to common courtesy and manners? It's one thing to lose a persons underwear, it's a whole other issue to lose their deceased spouse.