Wade Hayes saw his life changed forever, when he was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer in December 2011. Successful surgery and lots of chemotherapy removed the cancer and renewed his sense of purpose in life and for his career. Now Hayes is writing and singing songs about his cancer struggles plus he's donating all proceeds from his newest song 'Is It Already Time' to the Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA) Blue Note Fund (BNF). Anyone with colon cancer can apply to receive a grant from the CCA.

The song 'Is It Already Time' is available on iTunes, Amazon.com, Spotify, Wade Hayes website and most digital download outlets. Wade Hayes says, 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the CCA Blue Note Fund. Wade went to work right away bringing in his hit producer Don Cook, who produced all six of  Wades top singles and the gold selling albums Old Enough To Know Better and On A Good Night. Wade brought Cook out of retirement to produce "Is It Already Time." The two now have plans to record an entire album for release in 2013.

The Blue Not Fund is named after a musical term, and blue is the official color of colon cancer awareness. Grammy-nominated country artist Charlie Kelley says "A blue note is associated with soul, and most musicians and singers will slide in and around these notes to create emotion and cancer certainly is an emotional roller coaster." Kelley who is also the Blue Note Fund Co-Founder and a CCA Board member, himself is a colon cancer survivor.

Source: CCA Blue Note Fund Co-Founder Charlie Kelley

The Colon Cancer Alliance’s Blue Note Fund gives money to colon cancer patients who are currently in treatment. The money can be used for many things like house payment, electric bill or phone bill. The money helps to take care of the bills, so the patient can take care of themselves.

If you're battling colon cancer and would like more information or assistance, call the toll-free  helpline 1-877-422-2030 or visit the Colon Cancer Alliance website.

This is the song that Wade wrote and is donating all the proceeds to the CCA BNF