Most of us have been in a situation with family or friends when their health is in decline and they lose hope. It seems that is what happened with actor Daniel Von Bargen when he shot himself in the head. It was an unsuccessful attempt at suicide and he ended up calling 911. You can hear the 911 call here.

Von Bargen was known, most notably for his role as Mr. Kruger on the TV series 'Seinfeld'. He also appeared in 'Super Troopers', 'Basic Instinct', 'The Postman' and a variety of other TV and movie roles as well.

The 61 year old Von Bargen was suffering from health problems and was scheduled to go to the hospital for what he describes as an amputation. He had previously had one leg amputated and was tired and didn't want to go to the hospital for the next procedure.

He shot himself in the temple using a Colt .38. He tells the 911 operator that he can't open his eyes but is coherent enough to give the information needed for help to be sent to his apartment.

He remains in critical condition.