I've heard of some weird things and people with all the money in the world spending it on said weird things, but I think this might top it all.  Actor James Franco is selling "invisible art" and making money doing it.I don't know why I didn't think of this.  What people consider art these days is beyond me.  Throwing some paint on a canvas and getting thousands of dollars for it is great but if you are the one purchasing

it you're an idiot!! (just my opinion)

Now people are purchasing invisible art.  You don't actually get the artwork, you get a plaque in the mail describing the art which you purchased.  The range of cost on the items is anywhere from $20-$10,000.

This is all the brain child of  Brainard and Delia Carey.  The museum in which all this art is displayed is called MONA or Museum of Non-Visible Art. The museum is empty except for a film created by Franco which he considers a piece of art.

The Carey's came up with the museum idea after they gave away hugs and band-aids for non-visible wounds.  Crazy as this all sounds there are some folks willing to fork over money.  They have already made over $10,000.

Now I have a beautiful piece of work that I created and I'll sell it to you for a couple thousand dollars.  That's cheap and it doesn't take up much space.  I promise it's beautiful and will go in any room in your home, guaranteed!!  You can see a photo of it posted below.