Abilene, Texas finds itself on the list of Forbes' list of 25 best place to retire in 2014. The business magazine cites several reasons that someone would want to settle in the Key City and spend their golden years.

In it's rundown, Forbes states:

Pros: Robust economy, warm climate, cost of living 13% below national average, average home price $139,000 (national average: $207,000).

They did find a downside. The lone "con" cited is that Abilene is "not very walkable.". I'm not entirely sure what that means, but it isn't enough to knock Abilene from the list.

Abilene is one of four Texas cities featured in the Forbes Top 25. Austin, Fredricksburg and San Angelo also made the list. They aren't ranked, only listed in alphabetical order.

So, if you see a rise in silver-haired strangers hanging out around town, credit Forbes. And be sure to let them in on the fact that Abilene also has great restaurants, entertainment, and lots of fun events to take in year round. Forbes didn't mention any of that stuff.

Forbes Top 25 Best Places to Retire in 2014:

1. Abilene, Texas
2. Auburn, Alabama
3. Austin, Texas
4. Bellingham, Washington
5. Blacksburg, Virginia
6. Bluffton, South Carolina
7. Boise, Idaho
8. Bowling Green, Kentucky
9. Brevard, North Carolina
10. Cape Coral, Florida
11. Charleston, South Carolina
12. Clemson, South Carolina
13. Fargo, North Dakota
14. Fredricksburg, Texas
15. Las Cruces, New Mexico
16. Morgantown, West Virginia
17. Ogden, Utah
18. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
19. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
20. Port Saint Lucie, Florida
21. Salt Lake City, Utah
22. San Angelo, Texas
23. State College, Pennsylvania
24. Tucson, Arizona
25. Venice, Florida