A peppy jingle with a catchy melody can make or break an advertising campaign. Occasionally, an advertising Jingle will resonate with the public so well that it remains in our hearts and minds for years or even decades. Reminiscing over the years it seems that commercial jingles have always had a ‘catchy’ tune to make you remember their products so that the next time you're shopping you'll remember that specific product or store. Sometimes jingles go further than that. They can get stuck in your head like Oscar Meyer jingles. I don't think there's an adult one in America over the age of thirty that can't sing at least the opening lyrics to "Oh I wished I was and Oscar Meyer," you get the idea.

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    Seize the Deal

    Some jingles will get in your head and stay there, they take up permanent residency only to put up at the most opportune times, like funerals, weddings or while watching a scary movie. Since Seize the Deal has come to Abilene this has to be the most recognizable jingle today, simply because it runs on several radio stations everyday of the year. Seize The Deal gets my vote for the number one slot. By the way I have to go now I have check out today's deal.

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    American Classifieds

    American Classifieds comes into the the secondary spot only because they've changed their jingle recently to reflect more up-to-date ads. American Classifieds rhythmic jingle has a rap style delivery and has to be heard several times to learn all the words and after several years of being on the radio and television, I think that anyone within earshot will be singing along.

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    Sign Pro

    In the 90's Abilene got a Sign Pro and they were all over the airwaves with radio and television commercials, there wasn't a day that went by that you didn't hear the bright and brassy happy-go-lucky jingle. The Sign Pro jingle was the very first thing I heard my then infant son start singing when we got in the car, I was so blown away by it that I recorded him and then made copies for all the grandparents. This jingle falls into the category of "even a 2 year old can sing it." Can you?

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    Abilene All Star Auto

    If you're needing a car and you're running short on cash call on Abilene All Star Auto because you can depend on them, well that's what the jingle says. which brings me to a very good point do jingles have to sell you on the car before you get there? Absolutely not, the jingle just has to get you to remember the advertiser and to believe in the advertisers product long before you arrive at the advertisers location. I believe in this jingle so much that I as far as to stop by the car lot to see what they had in stock. Besides the jingle said "if you have bad credit or a lot of money to spend on it." Situation solved I'm getting a car from Abilene All-Star Auto and I'll see you cruising up and down the main drag in town.

    Image: Rudy F.
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    Black Plumbing

    Rounding out our top five is Black Plumbing, there's not a day that goes by that this jingle is heard. Darren Black believes in the power of radio and that the power of a well orchestrated jingle will remind the listener that if you are ever in need of a plumber, "help is on the way." This jingle is not only easy to sing but it's one of those that will stick in your brain. Later today you will be somewhere and that snappy toe-tapping' tune will pop in your head and the next thing you know, you are singing aloud "call on Black Plumbing, help is on the way!"