In Texas, there is nothing bigger than high school football. And, in Abilene, there is nothing bigger than the rivalry that Abilene High and Cooper have.

Each year, Abilene practically shuts down as the two teams square off for bragging rights. And, it's been that way since 1961. In fact, the two teams will go at it for the 56th time this Friday night. And, even though Abilene High has won the past two years, it's Cooper that owns the overall wins with a 32-22-1.

Regardless of records, both of these teams, and their fans, will be ready to throw down. The stadium will be packed, and excitement will fill the air as 15,000 plus fans cheer on either black and gold or blue and red.

Trust me, as someone who's seen several of these games over the years, it's going to be absolute mayhem, but in a good way. And, even though Abilene is a community that sticks together, for 4 quarters, friends will become "mortal enemies" and a town will be divided.

So, who is gonna win this year? Abilene High, or Cooper?