School is back in session for Abilene and Wylie ISD August 27th. With Texas' back to school tax holiday coming up August 17-19, deal-seeking parents can expect a certain amount of discomfort while shopping for their kids. But how many Abilenians are willing to put up with the large crowds and sold out items as they hop from store to store to save less than 10%? We recently asked if you will be participating in tax free weekend this year, and the results are in.

80% of those who participated in the poll will not be waiting for August 17-19 to take care of back to school shopping. That's a pretty overwhelming amount, considering the crowds that make their way to the school supply and kids clothing sections of stores during the holiday weekend. It will be interesting to see if crowds are smaller this year.

People are looking for new ways to save money these days, but how much are they willing to go through to get a deal? There will always be some people who will put themselves through just about anything.

While you're shopping for back to school items, consider making a school supply donation to help the less fortunate in our community.