Here are the top 5 stories for the past week just in cased you missed one.

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    Abilene Area School, Government and Organization Closings

    Here are the Big Country’s latest weather-related announcements.

    If your school, agency, group or business has a closing or delay to report, please email us or call 325-676-7711. Schools need to include the proper password for authentication, include in email or give when you call.

    Last updated: 2/12/14 6:05am

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    Texas’ South Padre Island Makes the List of “Best Spring Break Destinations”

    Where would you like to go for spring break? According to the folks at, South Padre Island (SPI) in the Lone Star State comes in at number three on the list of most popular destinations for spring breakers to gather. Why is SPI so high on the list? Maybe it’s because of its proximity, spring breakers can drive to the Island located in Cameron County in Texas. What city made the top spot? Check out the top 20 “Best Spring Break Destinations” to find out.

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    Prophets And Outlaws Discuss ‘Soul Shop’, Play In-Studio + More – Exclusive Interview

    Anybody who knows me knows I love it when I get to listen to a great new band. While Prophets And Outlaws are not necessarily a “new” band, they’re new to me. And they are really great. I found that out when James, Matt and Steven dropped by the KEAN Afternoon Show for a visit.

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    Rudy’s All Time Favorite Love Songs Are by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

    For the record, I am a hopeless romantic and I can tell you without a doubt that love is in the air and in my heart. As we get closer to Valentines day, I find myself scouring YouTube for romantic love songs. Prior to cupids arrival I email my wife a romantic love song video everyday. My all time favorites I like to send Donna are by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Here are some you can share with your special someone.

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    Keith Urban – Shay’s Spotlight Artist of the Week

    I am going to be featuring an artist each week that touches me in some special way. It could be a funny story, a song that has special meaning, or just an artist I’ve always admired. I chose Keith Urban as my first spotlight artist because I’ve seen him grow as an artist and I’ve met him on a couple of occasions and he is just a super nice guy.

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    Shay Hill