Gary Young the chairman for the Taylor County Rural Fire Committee (T.C.R.F.C.) and E.C.C.A. (Elm Creek Citizens Association) Fire Chief, says he's extremely concerned that Big Country residents may have a 'false sense of security' over fire safety and how dry the vegetation is in the Big Country.

Young said, "the recent rains we got here a few weeks ago, I feel may have many folks feeling that it's okay to shoot off fireworks but nothing could be further from the truth. Another thing to consider is that we don't have all the resources we had last year from the National Forestry Service, their airplanes and all their equipment is gone to fight fires in Colorado and California. This is a very dangerous situation to be in."

Another thing to consider is, the fact that the County Commissioners have not issued a burn ban yet. However, some  area fire departments and the Taylor County Sheriff's office are prepared to insure that fire losses in Taylor County are kept to a minimum. Taylor County Sheriff Les Bruce has pledged the full support of his department to insure strict enforcement of all laws and ordinances regarding the illegal use of fireworks.

Gary Young says, it's always better to be safe than sorry, when in doubt don't, always check with your local fire department first, they'll be glad to come out and inspect, to insure you have a safe area to shoot of your personal fireworks. But please keep in mind that conditions have become extremely dangerous in regard to vegetation, the extremely high temperatures pose a serious threat to the safety of all personnel responding to fire calls as well. Remember, fireworks in these conditions pose a very high risk of starting fires. The use of fireworks is restricted to private property and the permission of the landowner is required. Other restrictions and requirements apply depending on location. Make sure you are familiar with local requirements.

Source: Taylor County Rural Fire Committee Chairman Gary B. Young

Listen as Gary Young shares his concerns for the years fourth of July fire threat.