This is very exciting.  It's almost like the games we play on Facebook where you build your own city.  This country has lost many people and quite frankly they don't have much at all; except hope and vision. 

In a little more than five months, Southern Sudan is slated to become the world's newest country. Final results from last month's independence referendum announced on Monday show that 98.8 percent of the ballots cast were for secession from Sudan's north.

There are still plenty of issues to resolve before this works but it's a huge step towards independence.  The country is rich in oil but lacks nearly all modern conveniences.  There is poverty, lack of education, no roads, electricity or sewage.  There will be massive decisions about oil rights, citizenship rights and border negotiations but they are excited to have a freedom they've dreamed of but never known.  They are, just as our forefathers did, making a country full of hope and dreams and a better future for their children.  I wish them the best in this venture and look forward to their progress.