I'm not a skateboarder but I understand their passion. It's the same with anything you love to do; you throw yourself into the hobby and live every minute doing what makes you happy. What if your hobby had you building a house so that you could skateboard inside and eat and watch TV all at the same time.

Pro-skater Pierre-André Senizergues has built a house, known as the PAS house, to do just that. It's designed so that you can skateboard in the kitchen, living room, bedroom...their are essentially no corners to this house. Even items in the house like tables and beds are skate-able and made out of skateboards. There are rails built into the "couches" to skateboard on, it's unique and different for sure.

A prototype of the house was presented at an event in France but the final home will be built right here in the US; Malibu, California to be exact.

So here is a skateboarders dream come true; the PAS house!