Not enough room in the garage to fit your Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes SLR McLaren or '67 Chevy short-wide bed P.U.? If you live near the twin cities St. Paul-Minneapolis then Bruno Silakowski has the solution. Bruno developed a 40 acre country club condo complex for exotic cars.

If you have an extra$40,000.00 to $500,000.00 you can get a "bare bones" starter garage that is only in the rough to speak of. You will have to finish it out to suit your tastes and needs, and you will have to follow some basic deed restrictions and code regulations.

That said, 97% of the "MotorPlex of Minneapolis" 120 garage condos are

spoken for, however Bruno is planning on adding more condos to this European styled Chalet complex as need arises.

Many of the condo owners either spend the weekends with there cars, while others say it's the vacation home. Two times a month the whole MotorPlex community comes together to have an open door car show where the public is invited inside. I wonder if the other owners will think that my 1998 Ford Ranger Pick Up is classy enough to warrant it's own garage condo?