An Italian man is divorcing his wife of 77 years because of an affair that happened over 60 years ago. Antonio and Rosa C. will be divorcing after Antonio found some letters in a drawer just days before Christmas.

Antonio was going through some drawers just before Christmas when he found the letters and confronted his wife. She admitted to the affair that happened 10 years into their 77 year marriage.

Rosa tried to talk Antonio out of the divorce but he was adamant so she did not contest. This gives them the record of oldest couple to ever divorce.

Now why, after 60 years have passed and you've been together for 77 years, would you go and get a divorce. You are 99 years old and that happened so long ago it shouldn't even matter at this point. I realize there was distrust, cheating and whatnot but really, it was SIXTY years previous. Why not just live out the rest of your life with the person you've been with for more years than not. This just makes me sad.