Over the Easter holiday weekend I spent some time with family. In fact, my wife Donna, our little girl Angie and I all went to Donna's grandma and grandpa Allison's house for Easter Sunday dinner. Over the course of the meal grandpa tells me that he has been working on his tractor and asked if I could help him locate a tire for his big Ford tractor. I told him I would take care of it and that he need not mess with it (after all he is 97 years old.) He then tells me "I've almost got it all the way off already."

When we get to the tractor, grandpa shows me how he cut the tire off the rim with his pocket knife and that he new needs a new rim too because the old one is "rusted something awful." I told him I would get the old rim off of the tractor, that is when grandpa told me "move out of the way before you get hurt, let me do this 'cause I've been doing it all my life." What transpired next was me watching a 97-year-old man change a tractor tire, and he never even broke so much as a sweat.

A few things come to mind here, at first I wished I would have videotaped grandpa changing the tire (but then again maybe not, because of his colorful language.) I hope that when I turn 97-years-old, I can still change a tractor tire.

This is something you need to see to believe.