If you've ever gone browsing the "all for sale" section of Abilene Craigslist, you may get totally lost in the variety of what all is for sale. My latest trip to the site had me finding some things I want to buy, some things I never knew existed, and some things I just thought were cool for some reason. So, I felt the need to share. Just in case you were in a buying mood. And hey, it's never too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts!

Metal Art Armadillo Gun Slinger - $28

Posted 7/19/12

Yes, it's true. There is a peacekeeping armadillo that will fit perfectly in your yard. As if the actual item wasn't interesting and fun enough, read the sales pitch that was posted with it:

"One Of A Kind Quick Draw Armadillo Will Maintain Peace At Your Place Stands 17 1/2 Inches tall. Will Charm Anyone."

Whitetail Deer Shoulder Head Mount - $200

Posted 7/19/12

I was always under the impression that the deer on your wall was supposed to be your own kill, with a great story behind where and when you got your 8-point. Not one you bought off the wall of a law office:

"This deer was in my law office for several years. Recent additions require me to make space. This is head is in excellent condition and was always in a climate controlled envirnoment."


Vintage Scouring Pad And Powder Holder - $10

Posted 7/19/12

Hide your unsightly scouring pads and powder away from view by putting it inside something even more unsightly! But according to the post, it is sure to match my kitchen decor:

"vintage birds that hold scouring powder and scouring pad will be a great addition to any kitchen. These ceramic birds will brighten their surroundings."











Railroad Crossing Sign with original 16' metal pole - $550

Posted 7/17/12

This item probably has an interesting story behind it. And illegal.

"1930's Railroad Crossing Sign with original 16' metal pole. Sign is made of porcelain with glass beads that make up the letters. Excellent condition."

drug test - $7

Posted 7/17/12

If you buy this, and it's inaccurate, please don't act surprised...you bought a drug test on Craigslist! I see no money-back guarantee in this post:

"easy to use and accurate. Might as well be sure and test before!"












There you have it. Go get them before someone else beats you to it.

Do you buy or sell items on Craigslist? What's your most memorable purchase/sale?