I asked in a poll who you thought was the best vampire. I gave a few choices from movies and television and those who voted said Team Edward.

Edward Cullen from the "Twilight" series wins with almost 43% of the votes. The other 57% were split evenly between Eric Northman from "True Blood" and Lestat de Lioncourt, Tom Cruise character from the movie "Interview with the Vampire".

Now I have to say I don't agree, but then again I have not watched but maybe 30 minutes of the first "Twilight" movie. I just couldn't get into it at all. I do however, like Eric Northman from "True Blood". I'm a fan of the show and he's just got the likeable yet evil persona.

Vampires will always be a part of movies and literature and I'm sure soon enough all of these vampires will be replaced with an even more intriguing fanged evil-doer.

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