It sounds futuristic but it's really a blast from the past.  In 1939 General Motors created a car made of transparent plastic, yes, a see through or "invisible" car!! The car goes to auction next month and could grab as much as a half million dollars.This "Ghost Car" as it was called back then was built by GM in conjunction with a company famous for creating Plexiglass.  The chassis of the car is metal but the outside of the car was replaced with the see

through plastic. It was set on white wheels to make it even more special.

The car was created to be the focus of the New York World's Fair.  It went on a promotional tour and then landed in the Smithsonian Institute until 1947 and then went into private collection.

The car has 86 miles on it and still runs today.  It will be headed to auction on July 30 where it could grab from $250,000 up to $500,000.