In a day when we are all about equality this story makes absolutely no sense. A 13 year old boy from Kansas gets suspended from school for carrying a Vera Bradley purse to class.

Skylar Davis has carried said 'purse' to school since school started in August, but a teacher is just now bringing to the attention of administrators at the school.Tyler was called to the vice principals office and asked to remove the purse, when he refused he was suspended for a  day.

His mom was, obviously, upset and called the school to get the facts and insists it's only because he refuses to no longer carry the bag that he is being suspended. Checking the student handbook, his mother says,  nothing is mentioned about not being able to carrying a handbag/purse. So why is he being suspended? Girls are allowed to carry them. Is it because he is a 'boy'?  If the bag was say 'leather' and not a 'flower print' would that make any difference? Do we know the whole story (school is not commenting)?

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