You just can't get away from this Bieber kid, he's everywhere. Now he's got a street named after him in Texas, but not for long.

Young girls, tweens as they are better know, everywhere swoon for heartthrob Justin Bieber. They go crazy at his concerts, have posters on their walls, lunch boxes, and t-shirts. Now one youngster has gone so far as to have a street named after her idol.

A young 11 year old girl from Dallas won a contest that was meant to get kids involved in government.
Caroline Gonzalez decided that her first act as mayor would be to rename a street to honor her favorite musician, Justin Bieber.
Hopefully she learned something more about government than you can rename streets.

Bieber wasn't at the ceremony but I'm sure he would have loved the gesture.

Now grown ups shouldn't worry about a tax increase to pay for it and don't go getting a change of address card. The sign is only up for 1 day, and it only cost about $20.