The year of 2012 in music, can be said was the year of the challengers. There were more new-comers making all kinds of chart noise and/or history throughout the year. In this the best of the best list, the 'cream really did rise to the top'. The super-stars like George Strait, Kenny Chesney and Taylor Swift did make the list, but with the exception of Swift they didn't break the top ten. The Best song for the year, according to our listeners here in West Texas is, Little Big Town's (LBT) 'Pontoon,' the official summer song of 2012, is the #1 song in our Top 10 of 2012.

'Pontoon' was released in April 2012 and was the first single from their album, 'Tornado.' Pontoon marks LBT's first Number one single on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for the week two of September 2012. The song is up for a 2013 Grammy for Best Country Group Performance.

This super-hot country vocal foursome known as Little Big Town began with Kimberly Roads and Karen Fairchild The two Georgia girls began singing together in college. Alabama native Jimi Westbrook, a friend of Fairchild's husband, joined them to make a trio, and the group was completed by the addition of the Arkansas kid Phil Sweet, he joined the band early in 1998. Their perfect harmonies blended so well they've been winning awards and topping the charts since the formation of the quartet.

Little Big Town didn't happen overnight they actually waited out their record lable. The foursome was signed to Monument Records in 2000. Monument finally issued the band's debut single, "Don't Waste My Time," in the winter of 2002. The rest is what I call history. and now LBT's 'Pontoon' is the #1 song for 2012.

Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images